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April 19, 2011
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Hermione Granger was running up to the Hogwarts castle from the Forbidden Forest clutching her throbbing shoulder in pain. She was sobbing and let screams of pain escape her mouth as her feet hit the ground with a thump thump thump. Hermione had been bitten by a werewolf. It had been a full moon when she heard a horrible screaming in the Forbidden Forest when she was leaving Hagrid's hut.

The screaming she heard had come from a poor centaur girl who was being hurt by a werewolf. She had gone to investigate the screaming, and when she got to where the scream had originated, the centaur had died, and the werewolf attacked Hermione before she could take out her wand. When she finally did get her wand out, the werewolf had viscously tore into her should with its fangs and had run away from her when she screamed a spell at him.

'The pain…' she thought "so unbearable!" She started to worry. What would her parents say? Would she be kicked out of Hogwarts for having a condition so uncontrollable? 'No…' she thought. 'I CAN'T be!' Where should she go? To the Hospital Wing? To Professor McGonagall? She decided to go to Professor McGonagall first to explain. She went up to the Headmistresses' office and knocked on the door quickly. Professor McGonagall opened the door and seeing that Hermione was crying said 'Come in Miss Granger.' Hermione came in and sat down in the chair in front of the desk. Professor McGonagall sat down in the chair opposite Hermione and asked, 'What is wrong Miss Granger?'

Hermione explained what had happened, took her robe off, and showed Minerva the wound. 'What bit you Miss Granger?' she asked seeing the bite mark. Hermione started to conjure up a lie, but looking at the Professor, Hermione knew she should tell the truth. 'A w-werewolf!' Hermione was now biting her lip in pain. 'Oh Miss Granger!' Professor McGonagall had a worried look on her old and withered face. 'We must take you to the Hospital Wing immediately!'

They had gone up to the Hospital Wing and Madam Pomfrey, who was taking care of a student with the flu, had heard Hermione coming in sobbing and ran over to her. 'What happened to her Minerva?' she said to McGonagall. 'She was bitten by a werewolf.' Madam Pomfrey gasped and said 'Quickly! We must take care of that bite!' They led her to a bed where Madam Pomfrey got out a nightgown for her and let her change into it.

'Now Miss Granger,' said Professor McGonagall, 'You must not tell anyone about your condition until we figure something out to solve this problem.'
'Can I at least tell Harry and Ron?' said Hermione. 'Hmm…' started Professor McGonagall
'Well, I suppose you can.'
'Thank you Professor.' Hermione breathed. Madam Pomfrey cleaned Hermione's shoulder, and bandaged it. 'I will be sending an owl to your parents explaining that during the next full moon you will change into a werewolf.' Hermione gasped at this. She couldn't believe it! During the next full moon, she would turn into a werewolf! 'Professor McGonagall.' 'Yes Miss Granger?' Hermione was scared to hear the answer to her question.

'W-will I be kicked out of Hogwarts since now I'm a werewolf?' Professor McGonagall stared at Hermione and then smiled. 'No Miss Granger. Every Full moon we will just have to make sure you are away from the students so when you change, you do not hurt anyone.' Hermione stared at Professor McGonagall and then smiled wide. 'Thank you Professor.' said Hermione. 'Your welcome Miss Granger.' Said Professor McGonagall
When the Professor left, Hermione looked into her bag and brought out her copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard that Dumbledore had left her in his will.
She was reading when Ron and Harry came into the Hospital Wing. 'Hi Hermione.' said Harry. 'Professor McGonagall told us you were here, but she didn't tell us why. All she said was that it was a very bad condition.' Said Harry. Harry and Ron pulled up chairs and sat down. Hermione was starting to get scared about telling them she would be a werewolf now. 'So what's wrong Hermione? No need to be embarrassed, you can tell us!' said Ron. She gazed up into his blue eyes wondering, What will he think of me? Will he not love me anymore? NO! He'll still love me even if I'm a werewolf! 'Well,' began Hermione 'it's not embarrassment I'm scared of, it's…… Me I'm scared of ….'

Ron and Harry just stared at Hermione for what was seconds, but seemed like hours before the silence was broken. Ginny had entered the Hospital Wing to visit Hermione too. 'Hi Hermione, Professor McGonagall told me you were here so I came to visit. She said you condition was bad but you look fine to me! Except you do look really pale. So what's wrong Hermione?'
'That's what we're trying to find out too.' said Harry. Ginny pulled up a chair and sat down also. Hermione looked at all of them.

Seeing all of their faces staring at her. She then started to cry. She covered her face with her hands. Ginny got up and hugged Hermione very tightly, which cause Hermione to wince as Ginny squeezed her injured shoulder. Ginny obviously noticed her pain and let go. 'Hermione? Tell us what's wrong! We won't laugh!' she comforted. 'It's not embarrassment I'm afraid of! It's m-me!' said Hermione who was still crying. 'But why Hermione? Why are you afraid of yourself?' said Ron. Hermione stopped crying and started to tell the story of the werewolf, the centaur, being bitten, going to Professor McGonagall, and coming here. 'During a full moon?' said Ron with a worried voice.

'Y-yes Ron!' Hermione now had tears streaming from her eyes. 'And n-now I-I'm a w-werewolf!' Hermione was now crying harder than ever. Ron reached forward and hugged Hermione. Which surprised her, but she hugged back tightly. 'Hermione, you'll be all right! We don't care what you are! You're still our friend no matter what!' said Ginny. This made Hermione feel a lot better knowing that her friends would leave her no matter what happened.

'Harry, Ginny, could you two go outside for a minute?' asked Hermione. 'Sure Hermione' said Harry. 'Come on Ginny.' Harry got up and Ginny followed him as they left the room. 'Ron?' 'Yeah Hermione?' 'Y-you don't care that I'm a werewolf now?' asked Hermione. 'No Hermione, I don't, neither do Harry or Ginny, or your Mum or Dad! We all still like you as much as we did before!' said Ron staring into Hermione's brown eyes. Hermione smiled, and when Ron saw Hermione smiled, he also smiled.

Making sure that Madam Pomfrey wasn't anywhere near, but in her office. Madam Pomfrey was nowhere to be seen so Ron started to come closer to Hermione's face and their lips met. It felt to Hermione like hours, but it might have been seconds.

When they heard the door open they broke apart. Luckily the curtains were up so nobody had seen them kissing. It was Madam Pomfrey coming in to tell Ron he had to go because Hermione needed lots of rest. Ron winked and smiled to Hermione. Hermione returned it with a friendly smile and a tear of joy coming out of her eye. Ron left and Madame Pomfrey took the bandages off of Hermione's bitten hand, cleaned the wound, and put on new bandages.

Hermione fell asleep thinking about Ginny, Harry, and mostly Ron. Ron…. Ron…. She remembered kissing him, and thought, he would always like her, no matter what. She was glad to know that all of her friends wouldn't leave her just because she was a werewolf. She woke up near lunch and ate roasted chicken with mashed potatoes, and while listening to Ronald whine about how small the chocolate mints were, Hermione longed that she could send an owl to Professor Lupin, and ask for advice. 'What will happen to me on my first change?' thought Hermione. 'But he died in the battle.' Sadly, it was true, and the battle was almost one year ago, and she would miss Professor Lupin very much.

Hermione was let out that afternoon and was told to go to Professor McGonagall before every night of a full moon to get away from the school to a safe place. When she went down to the Great Hall for dinner that night, and a lot of Gryffindor students had asked what happened to her staring at her bandages that were showing through her robes. She was told what to say before she left the Hospital Wing too, 'Say that there was an accident with a spell, and it had backfired.' Madam Pomfrey had said. This is exactly what Hermione was saying. The only people who would know the truth would be Ron, Harry, Ginny, Professor McGonagall, and Madam Pomfrey.

Hermione felt comforted that only seven people that she trusted knew her new, dark, horrible secret. 'If anyone else finds out,' she told Ginny on their way back to the Gryffindor common room, 'I'll be ruined!' 'Don't worry Hermione!' Ginny said. 'No one except me, Harry, Ron, your parents, Madam Pomfrey, and Professor McGonagall know your secret! We won't tell anyone!' said Ginny reassuringly. Hermione smiled at Ginny and the Weasley smiled back. 'Thank you Ginny.' Said Hermione hugging Ginny. 'You're welcome Hermione. Anything to make you feel better about it.'

Hermione couldn't help but feel a little guilty about going to see what that sound in the forest was in the first place. She felt it was her own fault she was a werewolf now. She started to silently cry her self to sleep almost every night, thinking, 'It's my own fault, I shouldn't have went to go investigate that sound!'

It had been a month since she had gotten bit , and that meant a full moon drew closer and closer, and Hermione got more scared every day. On the week of when the next full moon was to happen, Hermione wouldn't eat anything, and cried to sleep every night. 'Hermione, you'll be ok!' said Harry at breakfast watching Hermione just staring at her bacon, bagel, and eggs Ron had got her. 'Yeah Hermione! There's nothing to be afraid of! It's not like your lunch will bite you!' said Ron sarcastically.

Hermione looked up at Ron; her eyes were filled with tears. Hermione got up and walked quickly away, going back to the Gryffindor Girl's dormitory. The girl's dormitory was empty. Hermione got onto her four poster bed and cried into her pillow. 'I'm an f-freak!' she cried into her pillow. 'No your not Hermione!' said someone near the door. Hermione got up from her pillow and looked to see Ron. Ron signaled her to follow him. Hermione got up and followed Ron towards the common room.

Ron went to the portrait hole and exited it, Hermione followed him. Where were they going? Thought Hermione. Ron walked passed the same hall three times and she knew where they were going, to the Room of Requirement.

'Why are we here Ron?' Hermione asked. 'You'll see.' said Ron. The doors to the Room of Requirement opened, and Ron covered Hermione's eyes and led her in. Ron closed the doors behind them and said to Hermione, 'Ready to see your surprise?' Hermione laughed and nodded. 'Well then here you go.' said Ron. Ron then uncovered Hermione's eyes.  Hermione looked all around and smiled.

The Room of Requirement had turned into a beautiful room with a fireplace, sofa, and behind that, a table for two people with food on the table. "Oh, Ron!" cried Hermione turning around and hugging him tightly. Ron blushed and hugged her back. 'Why did you do this?' asked Hermione. 'You've been pretty sad, so I told Harry and Ginny I was going to cheer you up.' Said Ron letting go of her and looking down at her.

Ron ate his dinner and only a few bites into it, looked at Hermione who wasn't eating. 'Hermione, eat.' Said Ron sadly. 'I-I-I just can't Ron, I mean this place is fantastic but, I just can't…' said Hermione staring down at her steak. 'But why not Hermione?' said Ron. 'Ron, tomorrow's a full moon… I'm scared.' said Hermione. 'That's no reason to eat though Hermione!' said Ron. Hermione looked up at Ron and smiled slightly. Hermione picked up her fork and knife and slowly started eating for the first time in days. Ron looked up at Hermione and smiled at the sight of her finally eating something. They finished soon after and went to the plush couch.

Hermione sat very close to Ron with her head on his shoulder. Hermione looked up at Ron and said quietly, 'Thank you Ron, it did make me feel better very much.'
'You're welcome Hermione.' Said Ron back quietly. 'I also have another surprise for you Hermione.' Said Ron who was smiling at Hermione. 'Oh Ron! You're spoiling me!' said Hermione who smiled back.

'I insist madame!' said Ron still smiling. Ron pulled a black box out of his pocket and handed it to Hermione. Hermione stared at it in her hands and looked up at Ron. 'Well, open it!' said Ron. Hermione gaped at the velvety box as she held it in her hands and opened it. She stared at what was inside of it, and what it held was a necklace with a crystal wolf howling, suspended on a golden chain. 'Ron…' she whispered. 'Ron… It's b-beautiful!' said Hermione, who was crying with joy.

'Ron, you do so much for me, but what do I do for you?' Hermione said. Ron stared at her and said, 'Hermione, what you give me,' Said Ron staring into her big shining brown eyes. "Is yourself. You don't need to get me anything as long as you are you.'

Hermione, who was still crying with joy looked into his blue eyes. 'Ron, I do have a gift for you.' Said Hermione softly. 'What, Hermione?' said Ron quietly. 'This Ron.' She leaned in closer and kissed him. He didn't let go of her, and neither did she. He put his hand on her back and into her brown, wavy hair.

"Won" she murmured into his lips, "Won." Ronald unwillingly pulled apart, and Hermione whispered "I'm scared Ron."
"I know, Hermione," he whispered. "I know"
This was originally owned by ~Phoenixmaze who could not continue on her own reasons ;P

JK Rowling owns Harry Potter
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